Jobe Boston Shorty 2mm Wetsuit Kids Pink


Laos on kohe olemas XL (147-152cm) ja 2XL (153-164cm) suurus. Teiste suuruste tellimiseks kirjuta või helista telefonil +372 5678 4000.

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Keep it simple with our most easy shorty in the range. Easy to enter and a perfect match with Jobe’s wide variety of colourful vests. Fully engineered with regular stretch neoprene and constructed with soft & flexible stitched seams. Awesomeness continues when you hear that the Boston Shorty has a unisex fit, so your child can share its suit with friends and siblings. And you can go spend your money on something better like… a boat?

-CE certified
-2 mm full stretch neoprene
-Back zipper for fast entry
-Durable flatlock seams
-Strengthening tape inside
-Unisex fit

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