Jobe Veejalats Discover Sneaker High Black


Laos on suurused 43 ja 44.

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The Jobe Discover Watersports Sneaker High Black can handle it all while making you look good! We’ve re-designed this shoe to handle anything, from a long SUP tour to jumping into the water. This sneaker has been designed and tested with an exclusive sole for optimal water drainage and plenty of grip. This sneaker has a unique quick dry upper but also comes with a comfortable Velcro strap and lace system for a secure fit. This keeps your feet in lace even when you want to go all out! A sneaker which looks good both on land and on water and meant to be taken anywhere.
  • Ankle strap for extra support
  • Drain tech outsole: unique water drainage system and extreme breathability
  • Elastic laces for easy slip-on and ergonomic fit
  • Flat outsole design for extra board contact and response with extreme, non skid mark, grip pattern
  • Laminated perforated foam insole for extra comfort and extreme breathability
  • Lightweight quick drying upper fabric
  • Neoprene liner for keeping your feet warm when wet
  • Upper stitched to outsole for extra durability
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