Jobe Naiste Kalipso Sofia 3/2mm Wetsuit Women Rose Pink


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The Jobe Sofia 3/2mm Wetsuit Women Rose Pink is an elegant way to keep out the frigid cold! This full stretch neoprene wetsuit is loaded with warmth enhancing tech to keep summer rolling all year long. With features like durable flatlock seams, a back zipper for easy entry, and protective reinforced knee pads. The Sophia 3/2MM comes in a aptly named rose pink and is custom designed for the ladies with a feminine fit.

-Made of 50% based limestone neoprene
-3 mm neoprene on chest & back, 2 mm on other panels
-Back zipper for fast entry
-Durable flatlock seams
-Feminine fit
-Full stretch neoprene
-Protective strong knee pads
-Strengthening tape inside

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